Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Banzai Ben

Yesterday, I had the privilege to take my brother, Ben, to the Missionary Training Center. He's going to be serving in the Tokyo Japan Mission. But before that he has three months of intensive study ahead of him as he tries to master the basics of Japanese.

I can imagine, though, the looks on Japanese people's faces when they see Ben in their midst: "Godzilla!" At six-foot four-inches I can imagine that Ben will stick out a bit. I also suppose that he won't find many buildings, or beds, that will accommodate him well. Perhaps they sleep on the floor over there. If so then he's probably going to do OK.

Ben is the tall one in the middle.


Joshua said...


Ben will have a sore head or a cricked neck for the first half of his mission. Most of the doorways in our apartments topped off right above my head (about 5'9"). All of the missionaries, who are taller than I am, articulated their annoyance at having to adjust to those conditions.

We slept on the ground, though I'm not sure if that's still the case in all of the Japan Missions. Though being so tall the futons might not accommodate him even on the ground. His feet might stick out a bit.

However, the last time I was in Japan, I was surprised how tall the younger kids are getting. He will still stand out, but he can use that to his advantage. Most Japanese people will stop when he asks them to-if not for fear of a whooping, for curiosity as to why such a man would be wanting to stop them.

heather said...

At least he's not 6'6" with white blond hair-- that's was my brother Doug on his mission in Nagoya. He was pretty shy at the time so he really had to get used to lots of stares and questions.

the michigan simkins said...

i can't believe that ben is on a mission. that makes me feel SO OLD.

nana said...

Ben, this is a good day. love, nana