Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Writer's Block Already?

The most difficult part of blogging, I suppose, is coming up with something original to write each time. If I were only writing semiannually then there'd be a a heap full of things that I'd be itching to write about.

But today while the Michigan primaries raged on I spent most of my time doing school work. I taught two beginning volleyball classes and read a lot from a book about scientific writing. I did make two not-so-startling discoveries today: I still don't know all the rules for punctuation, and the grammar check in Word insufficient for my needs. I can only hope that the writing class that I'm taking will help solve my dilemma.

The highlight of the day came at 11 am, when President Henry B. Eyring spoke at the BYU campus devotional. His message emphasized God's power of deliverance. He mentioned that in many instances God's power of deliverance does not take away trials but enables us to endure trials well. This is a true principle.

As an exercise scientist I understand the concept of trials and opposition well. If you come to me and ask me to train you so you'll be stronger, I will sit down with you and write a strength training program. I'll take you into the weight room and make you lift heavy objects until, over time, your body adapts and becomes stronger. God needs a people which is strong in faith. A person doesn't get strong muscles by not lifting. Likewise, a Christian will not get strong who is not called to shoulder some trials in a lifetime. If we think that we are deserving of eternal life without being called to pass through grueling personal experiences which all the prophets and saints have had to bear in times past then we are simply fooling ourselves.

Jesus Christ bore the heaviest possible burden and did it so that we could come unto Him and be sanctified in Him and ultimately be saved by, through, and in Him.

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