Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This past week was interesting. First, due partly to the weather changes and partly to the stress of school and work loads, I came down with something unpleasant. The body aches were slightly reminiscent of dengue fever, described in my last post. But today I felt much better.

I'm taking a very difficult endocrinology class right now and I had a major examination to take sometime between last Friday and today. I intended to study well Friday, Saturday, and Monday, and then take the test on Tuesday, but instead I slept most of the time. I didn't feel well. I needed to recuperate; so I did.

You can imagine my concern when I had only Tuesday and part of today to study for my exam, which I took today. Fortunately, the Lord has interest in even these parts of our lives. I knew that I could pray for comfort and strength to face this challenge. The Lord blessed me with both strength and comfort. My test went well.

I wanted to say a few words about family. For starters, the family is the most basic unit of society. The future of our society, at all its levels, depends on the things happening inside the walls of homes with families. When love presides in the home society prospers. When the family falls apart and becomes dysfunctional, society suffers.

I am grateful for my family, both immediate and extended--even my in-laws! I couldn't have a better family. My mom and dad raised me well. I have a lot of loving brothers and sisters. Growing up we lived close to my dad's side of the family so we had ample time with our grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Spending time together as immediate and extended family brought us strength that has served us well through the years. We know we can rely on each other when we really need it. At the same time, I learned a great deal about living an independent life from my family. I'm not afraid to be out on my own.

But now I have a new family. I got married last year. It was the best thing I could ever have done. My wife and her family have added many wonderful dimensions to my life. In time, my wife and I will add to our little family by inviting children into our home, thus perpetuating the God-given cycle of life.

When my sweetheart and I were married, we did not make vows until "death do us part." We covenanted with each other and with God for eternity. By virtue of God's power and authority, through the keys spoken of in the Bible to bind on earth and in heaven, Deb and I were pronounced husband and wife for time and for all eternity. We do not live with the fear of the divorcement of death, for there shall be none so long as we keep God's commandments.

So while life is full of struggles and rife with challenges, life is good because it includes family. I should like to close by saying that family is worth fighting for; it's worth protecting. Anything we can do to strengthen our family ties is worth it.

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