Monday, March 24, 2008

Thesis Blues

For any who may be worried that I have quit the bloggin' business, let me put your fears to rest. I have been incredibly busy with school, work, and more school, namely, my thesis.

In truth, after this semester ends in April, all I have left until I graduate is my thesis. The problem is I don't have a working project up and running yet, and I want to graduate in August. For any who may read this who are also contemplating pursuing a master's degree, opt for the non-thesis option. If only I could have foreseen this...if only.

I will work on a new, substantial post but it won't be another few days before it goes up.


sans auto said...

Once the thesis is done you will appreciate the benefits of spending hundreds of hours writing a paper that only 4 people will ever read.

If you go on for a PhD you will appreciate not having to do a thesis AND a dissertation.

I promise, it gets better, stick with it.

la guera salsera said...

I hear you! My one and only new years resolution is to defend this year. And I'm seriously considering posting my thesis on my blog if I ever finish!