Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Strawberry Daze

Deb and I went this past Saturday with some friends to Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days. Our express purpose in going was to engorge ourselves on all things strawberry: pies, tarts, shakes, jams, jellies, whatever.

According to the official website, "Because of the abundant strawberry crop every summer, 'Strawberry Days' was created." Apparently no other "community celebration" in Utah has been around as long as Strawberry Days.

Alas, my vision of pie-eating contests and general binging on strawberry products was gravely myopic. As pointed out by Katie, one of our friends who accompanied us to the festival, "The only strawberries we found were from California and sold in small over priced cups with cream." By "over priced" Katie meant a buck-twenty-five for an 8 fluid-ounce cup filled with strawberries and cream of an unknown composition.

A look at the official website reveals the reason for the "severe lack of strawberries," as Katie mildly put it: "The strawberry fields are now gone, taken over by development." At this point I think it would be more fitting to rename the festival "Memories of Strawberries Days;" difficult to say due to the snakish consonance, but more reflective of the destructive consequences of overdevelopment.

Once we got past the misnomer, however, Strawberry Days proved quite fun. We spent time with good friends: Katie, as mentioned, and Joe and Whitney. I had my first funnel cake: What a delectable morsel! And later on, we bought a flat of strawberries at Costco, a watermelon from a fruit stand, and spent the rest of the afternoon at a swimming pool.

Deb, Me in a "strawberryless daze", and the funnel cake


sans auto said...

We have strawberries, come over and get some any time you want. We'd even give you a plant or two so you can have your own next year.

Whitney Hardie said...

I love this post. I just emailed some photos to Deb that we took of you guys that day.

Anonymous said...

Grief! They didn't even have a strawberry topping for the funnel cake?!

Katy said...

Haha, I got a kick out of this, because my hometown is Pleasant Grove! I grew up on strawberry days, and it IS lots of fun.. but I was always confused as a child as to why the lack of strawberries?? The little cups of strawberries didn't start showing up until about four years ago. Before that, I do not remember consuming a single strawberry during the whole week!

However - to clear up the mystery, this year our singles ward was asked to actually work in a strawberry stand. The unknown composition of the white creamy stuff is actually vanilla ice cream mix that you buy by the gallon!
Imagine that!