Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oregon Coast 1

To celebrate Deb's graduation and my break from work and school, we decided to take a trip to the Oregon coast. Here's a few pics and descriptions of some of our trip.

We started our trip in Astoria, a town known best as the location where the Goonies and Kindergarten Cop were filmed. Part of the excitement to me of going to the coast was fish 'n chips. So we asked a local where the best fish 'n chips place was; he gave us two place names and we were off to find them. The best place had just closed so we went to the second best place: The Wet Dog.

The Wet Dog had pretty good food, but the folks working there were most excited about their many uniquely named house brews. I think our waitress was confused why we didn't order any beers. The restaurant had a nice view of the Columbia River, but I thought the food was overpriced. And the fish 'n chips, though good, did not rate highest in my book.

For the first two nights in Oregon, Deb and I pitched our tent at Fort Stevens State Park. Both nights it rained on us. But our little tent, a wedding gift from Josh and Julie K., kept us very dry.

A sunken ship at the beach near Fort Stevens.


Our camp ground. The trees in Oregon are unbelievably beautiful.

In the picture above of our tent, Deb and I had unwittingly pitched it right next to a depression. The rain fly dripped water, filled the depression, and sent the puddle underneath our tent. It only took about a half and hour to and hour of that before we decided to relocate to the small patch of grass next to the car.


Katie said...

Thanks for the pictures Nate! I am glad you guys had such a great time, and welcome back!

sans auto said...

I used to have a part time job at the school where kindergarten cop was filmed.