Monday, September 8, 2008

Oregon Coast 3

If you go to the Oregon Coast, you have to stop in at the Tillamook Cheese factory. We did and found the place was hoppin' with folks trying to escape from the rain. But we wanted to see how the cheese was made and to get some ice cream so we braved the crowds and stayed.

The Morning Star was used to ship cheese up the coast and up the Columbia River to Portland.

Tillamook ice cream being delicious, we decided to share three scoops of it. We also would have bought some of the famous cheese, but ironically it was expensive. We thought the factory would sell it at rock bottom prices, but since it was sold in a gift shop it was treated like a novelty and priced accordingly.

Deb and the Morning Star.

Tired of the rain, Deb and I drove to Lincoln City after Tillamook. We were hoping to see some glass blowing and perhaps even try our hand at it. Some glass shops offer lessons; what we didn't know is that they are far from free. Nevertheless we did get to see some glass being blown by others whose pocketbooks were a little fatter than ours.

After setting up camp in a state park in Lincoln City, Deb and I went to find some more fish 'n chips. We found some at a fifties diner and I decided that I preferred the cod to the tuna I'd had at the Wet Dog in Astoria. Apparently the chef at the diner knew we were honeymooners (albeit nearly 1-and-a-half years late) so he made us a special potato chip:


The fish 'n chips at the fifties diner had fresh potato chips instead of the traditional chips, which most Americans would call fries. That's a mistake I'll never make again. Nevertheless, fish 'n chips no matter what form it takes is worth it.

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Dan Cummings said...

Agreed, Fish and chips is awesome. Looks like a great trip!