Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oregon Coast 2

We spent a day at Cannon Beach and found it very windy there on the beach. I thought it was nice but I'm a little better insulated than Deb, who was cold the whole time. I've been to Cannon Beach a couple of times before and was looking forward to taking Deb there.

We hoped to see the fauna of the tide pools at the foot of Haystack Rock, but once we arrived they were being shut down because, as the guide explained, a storm was coming in and rapidly bringing the tide with it.

The tide pools at Cannon Beach.

So we walked up from the beach to the town and found this crusty old sea captain.

The Cap'n and me.

We bought a kite at one of the shops but didn't get to fly it: too much wind. We milled around town, poking our heads into art galleries, toy stores, and candy shoppes (always spelled shoppe). I was hoping to get some more fish 'n chips but settled instead for some tasty clam chowder.

Haystack Rock.

Later we stopped at the outlet malls to find Deb a jacket to keep her dry and to protect her from the piercing wind. We found one at the Eddie Bauer outlet. At the book outlet I found an interesting read for $2.99 called Death Sentences: How Clich├ęs, Weasel Words, and Management Speak are Strangling Public Language. We returned to Fort Stevens at set up camp and, feeling tired, decided to call it a day.

A dry, warm, and happy Deb in her new jacket.

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Whitney Hardie said...

cute jacket, and I really want to read that book if you think it's good. Sounds fascinating.

See you guys on Friday!