Saturday, November 1, 2008


Deb and I celebrated Halloween a little early this year with the ward we're serving in. We were in Fairview, UT, with Deb's maternal grandparents last night so we didn't dress up. Here's some pics for you to enjoy of our sweet costumes.

Deb as a 70s snow bunny, Nate as a used-car salesman.

The mustache is real, sort of. I really did grow out my mustache for a week but I'm so blonde that you could hardly see it. The trick in darkening it up? Mascara!

Would you buy a car from this guy?

So, here's to dressing up for Halloween. Three years ago at a friend's, now brother-in-law's, birthday party, when Deb and I first officially met, she and her roommates weren't very impressed with my 'plain-clothes, undercover cop' costume. I thought it was genius, but it didn't win me any points with Deb at the time: it wasn't until nearly a year later when we met for a second time that I made any sort of good impression.


James said...

Sweet suit!!

Nate said...

I like to call it the "plenim" suit: that means plastic denim.

My brother, our cousin, another friend, and I were in to buying sweet, old three piece suits back in the day. I can't remember if this is one we or our friend bought; if I'm remembering right, we had two similar plenim suits.

tpmotd said...

Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. :)

Rachel said...

Nice costumes!

Whitney Hardie said...

That is a great costume, Nate!