Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good Eats

At the suggestion of a friend and his wife, Deb and I went to a nice little Chilean restaurant for dinner last night. Pantrucas, as it's called, offered a inviting, homey atmosphere to compliment the warm hospitality of its proprietors.

Upon entering, we were kindly greeted by the owners themselves, Ricardo and Margarita Minond, who also do all the cooking and serving. I asked Ricardo what he suggested and he graciously described the items listed on the hand-written menu contained in three wall-mounted chalkboards.

I went with the churrasco palta and Deb ordered the ave palta: delicious sandwiches consisting of a soft roll smothered in avocado (hence, palta) with tomatoes and in mine, grilled steak, in Deb's, chicken. We also got one of their ham and cheese empanadas and a side of french fries.

Based on the friendly service and comidas deliciosas, I would recommend Pantrucas (3161 N. Canyon Rd.) to anyone in the Provo area.

See here for an additional review of Pantrucas as published in the BYU campus paper.

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