Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Spirit of Christmas

Deb and I went to the grade school she works at to help with the Christmas gift-giving program for children of low-income families. What we saw and experienced there is the highlight so far of this Christmas season.

The staff and faculty of Deb's workplace put together an 'angel tree' and the staff, faculty, and more affluent parents picked angels from the tree which corresponded to a boy or girl in kindergarten to the 6th grade. A toddler category was also included for younger brothers and sisters who would inevitably accompany their older siblings to receive their presents.

There were probably close to 100 presents under the trees and each child came up to the tree corresponding to his or her grade level and chose a present from a pile of gifts designated as 'boy' or 'girl'. A couple of baskets of books were set out for the children to take in addition to their gifts. Santa and Mrs. Claus came and handed out candy canes and spoke with each child.

The school had also procured turkeys and large sacks of potatoes to give to every family, and two live Christmas trees for two lucky winners.

The children were a delight to watch, their eyes sparkling as they took their pick from the presents. The parents beamed gratitude and some wept for joy as they and their children received perhaps all they would this Christmas season.

If I receive nothing else this Christmas but the memories of those happy children and parents I don't think I would care a bit. This has already been the best Christmas season I've ever experienced.

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Whitney Hardie said...

Thanks for sharing that. Christmas joy is the sweetest of all.