Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sakura, Sort Of

I know sakura actually refers to cherry blossom or cherry tree. I have a brother in Tokyo and I'm sure he's livin' la vida sakura right now. But that's besides the point.

I was greeted this morning by sadness. The two beautiful plum trees that I've passed under nearly every day for the past four years were greatly damaged by late spring snow.

Most of the snow we've gotten all winter has been light and dry, powder, if you will. It's that way year after year after year in Utah.

But yesterday and today brought a very wet, heavy snowfall. The plum trees in full bloom couldn't handle the extra weight of the snow.

I'd say about half the trees' bulk was lost.

Before the week is through it will all be cleaned up and the trees newly manicured.

By the end of the summer few will remember the damage and terrific loss.

I will remember.

Wet unwelcome snow
In spring breaks beautiful bows.
Sakura, sort of.


i_feel_like_a_weasel said...

Hi! I'm megan. I found your blog because one of my friends follows it, so I hope you don't mind. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I'm reading it. If you want, you could check out my blg. No pressure (; .

Nate said...

Thanks, Megan, for reading. It's somewhat surreal to find out that complete strangers pop in and visit my little niche from time to time. But if you've enjoyed any of it then my time has been well spent. I likewise enjoyed your blog.