Friday, August 28, 2009

Bus Stop

I ride TheBus to school every day. I've heard both good and bad spoken of the Hawaii bus system. True, in Honolulu the buses are crowded, but in my two weeks' experience it's worked great.

Yesterday morning I was almost to school. The bus was filled beyond capacity so the driver only took some of the passengers at a stop and instructed the rest that there was another bus on the way.

One woman who didn't make the cut was on her way to work. She and her husband were so angry that they stepped out in front of the bus and refused to move unless she got a spot. The furious driver opened his window, hung out his upper body and screamed at the husband and wife to get out of the way. They wouldn't budge for at least five minutes.

The girl next to me was worried about losing her spot in an O-chem lab she needed. She complained a bit while frantically texting a friend to have the professor hold her spot. A bigger Polynesian man next to the rear door hollered up to the driver to let him out so he, the able Polynesian, could remove the human obstacles. I called Deb to let her know about the awesomeness of it all.

Of course, the couple eventually backed down. I think they realized that an angry bus driver behind the wheel of a who-knows-how-many-ton bus would probably eventually snap and run them over. I made it to school with time to spare. As I stepped down from the bus I looked up the road a bit and saw another bus of the same route. I'm assuming the angry lady got to work just fine, just as our bus driver told her she would.


Chace and Rivka said...

Ha! That's really funny. Is every bus ride that eventfull? I wanna come visit you in your island paradise!

Nate said...

No, not always that eventful. Often I'm buried in a book studying for class so I don't notice much except the big things going on.

You two are welcome any time! We have a second bedroom and are anxious to host visitors.

Katie said...

I love public transportation system stories!

Mountain Man said...

So what you're trying to tell me is that if I move over there I can get a job as a bus driver. Sound's like they could use a few more of them. LOL
Miss you bro!

Nate said...

I don't know if TheBus is hiring drivers or not. I wouldn't bank on it.