Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gus the Gecko

As we settle in our new place in Hawaii, we have been making a lot of new friends. This little guy, a cousin of the Geico gecko, met us by our front door one evening. We named it Gus. After playing with it and taking some photos together, we let Gus go on our back lanai, or porch. Often, when we leave open our door to the lanai , we'll find one of Gus's brothers or sisters or cousins has made it into our kitchen. Deb and I are very fond of the local mo'o, geckos.


MBlack said...

Oh he's so cute. {: I hope you two [six including the K's?] are totally enjoying yourselves! Much love from the not so fabulous Boise.

Rebecca Stay said...

Randy, Steve's dad, lived in Hawaii back in the 60's. His dad worked at Church College (as it was known at the time). He said these little gecko/lizards would crawl all over the interior walls of their house and annoy his mom, especially when they would drop from the ceiling during dinner and land in the butter.

Nate said...

Yes, those suction cup feet of theirs aren't foolproof.

In Samoa we'd see big fat geckos congregating around the fluorescent lights where catching bugs at night was easy. We'd be bombarded from time to time with gecko droppings as we ate dinner. Or on occasion we'd see a really fat gecko gobble up a small upstart who got too close. But no matter what, they were entertaining little things.