Thursday, August 6, 2009


Getting settled into a new place requires attention to a lot of little details. Like getting a new driver's license, for example. My jaunt through the Honolulu DMV was remarkably quick and relatively painless, though not without a few moments of wincing.

First, I had to score at least a 24 out of 30 on the written driver's test to pass. I scored a 26. Cutting it a little close, are we?

Second, somehow I managed to forget the ever practical advice to dot all is and cross all ts. I got my license back from the guy at the desk and didn't notice for at least ten minutes that I had signed it Nalhan. The signature appears twice on the front of the license, so if I ever get pulled over by a police officer the first thing I'll hear after License and registration, please, will likely be, What, are you an idiot or something, brah?!

Third, you'd think my mother never taught me how to dress myself because I managed to get to the DMV, work my way through a few lines, barely pass my test, sign my license with Nalhan, and retrieve my newly printed Hawaii driver's license--all before noticing that my fly was down. Sorry, Mom, for reflecting poorly on your ability as a parent. I'll start using again the Things to Do, Check, Secure, and Double-Check Before You Leave the House checklist.

In other news, Hurricane Felicia in the North Pacific is now a category 4 and is on its way to Hawaii. Fortunately, "from Thursday on [Hurricane Felicia] will start to weaken to the point that is expected to be a tropical storm or weak hurricane at its closest point of approach to the [Hawaiian] islands late Sunday or Monday. It's still a little too early to know the intensity or track of this system." (Source)

I asked my friend Josh, a Hawaii native, what he thought about the hurricane. He said comfortingly, "It's hurricane season, man!" On Monday we heard the test sounding of the disaster warning sirens. I asked Josh about it and he replied, "That's the last sound you'll hear before you're hit by a hurricane or other similar disaster." That, too, is a comfort. I remarked that I'd much rather hear the Scorpions' Rock you like a Hurricane, but that wouldn't apply well if a tsunami hit us, would it?

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auntykaryn said...

Oh My brother Nate... You should know by now that Josh is of little comfort when it comes to stuff like that. ;) No worries. When he's panicky, that's when you have to worry. As long as he is in a tranquil state, things will blow over. (In your case, quite literally.) :)

diana said...

Yes, I remember our conversation about there being no tornadoes in Hawaii. I had no idea there was a hurricane headed your way!! I think I will pay a little more attention to the weather broadcasts. (and keep me posted!)

Karen and Merrill said...

I loved hearing about your experience at the DMV. How did Deb do?

Deb said...

I only missed two on my test. And don't worry about the hurricane, mom. It looks like it's going to weaken and then hit the big island and we'll probably just get a ton of rain.

Katie said...

Way to go on the test Deb. I just got through getting my Utah driver's licence, and I feel your pain. However, my fly was up the entire time. :)
I heard about the hurricane on the radio. Hope it all goes well.

Whitney Hardie said...

The fly down is just the icing on the cake.

Hurricane's got nothing on that. said...

Nate! This was a pretty funny post. I didn't know you had another blog until now! Because the family blog is by invite only, it loves to lock me out because it doesn't recognize my other google address...but at least I can communicate here w/out the clamp coming down on me! That pic of you & Deb on the home page is just radiant! I hope you are getting settled & are just LOVING IT besides the hurricanes & "name changes" at the DMV. Love,
:) Candy