Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day of Disasters

We are living in a day of disasters. I don't know if I've ever seen news of so many catastrophic natural disasters in a row in so little time.

The Samoan islands were hit by a tsunami on Tuesday morning. The death toll has reached 150 and the need for relief is great.

The Philippines have had serious flooding and now are expecting more as another 'super-typhoon' approaches their many islands.

And an earthquake in Indonesia has left more than 777 dead.

The odds are that you are only one or two degrees removed from the effects of these disasters. Either you have friends and family, or you have friends with friends and family, that are caught in these tragedies.

There are many agencies and organizations working to administer relief to these disaster stricken peoples. Please consider making a donation, however small (remember the true worth of the widow's mite).

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Chace and Rivka said...

Thanks for keeping us informed, Nate! We'll definitely take your advice to heart. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you & Deb are well. We miss you!