Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Of Course You Should Pray for It!

Well, the new semester is underway and that means commuting on TheBus. I've had "plenny"--as the locals say--adventures riding TheBus to and from school.

Today's is brief, but golden. As I boarded this morning I overheard a man speaking to another passenger from across the aisle. He said,

If you want something, like win the jackpot in Vegas, of course you should pray for it!

I would have chosen a different example than the filthy lucre coming out of Vegas, but nonetheless I admire the man's willingness to pray about everything that's important to him.

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Shawn and Courtney said...

I guess we should be grateful on how quick he was to consider the Lord. Hopefully, as his understanding of God increases his prayers will turn more to righteous things!