Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Book of Mormon

I finished rereading the Book of Mormon today, and was impressed by a few things.

I've been impressed by the Lord's urgent plea to us, His latter-day children, to avoid falling into the same traps as did the Nephite and Jaredite peoples which led them to destruction.

I was impressed by the idea that by faith we can become the "sons and daughters of God"--a topic which demands elaboration by further study.

I was again impressed by Moroni's 8 exhortations, all found in Moroni 10:
  1. Remember how merciful the Lord has been to the children of Adam from the very beginning
  2. Ask God if the Book of Mormon is true
  3. Deny not the power of God
  4. Deny not the gifts of God
  5. Remember that every good gift comes of Christ
  6. Remember that Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that spiritual gifts will never cease or be done away so long as the world shall stand--except through unbelief
  7. Remember the words of Moroni because at some point in time we will know, without a doubt, that he didn't lie
  8. Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him
I was impressed by the stark contrast presented in Moroni 9 and 10: that is, the contrast between consummate evil and lack of civilization (chapter 9), and the standard of virtue and righteousness Moroni gives us (chapter 10). It's as though the diamond of Moroni 10 is set against the blackness of Moroni 9, thus we can more readily see the brilliance of the light of Christ as it shines forth through Moroni's final testimony to his brethren.

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God! I rejoice in this knowledge and pray that I may live true to it.


Whitney Hardie said...

Thanks for this Nate. I've recently revamped my Book of Mormon study and this was just the inspiration I need to really see it through.

Nate said...

Thanks, Whitney. I'm glad this was useful to you.

I'll be ready for a full report on your progress when you and Joe come out to visit. :)

tracy said...

Did you know there have been 4, 000 changes to the Book of Mormon since it was first published? i found that so interesting.

Nate said...

Thanks for the comment, Tracy, but you've failed to notify the readership of the nature of those changes, making your comment disingenuous, at best.

For those interested, there is a lot of excellent scholarship out there concerning the nature of the changes made to the text of the Book of Mormon between its original printing in 1830 and its current printing.

I'll link to some of that scholarship here.

Royal Skousen has probably proved himself the foremost expert on the text of the Book of Mormon. A few of his remarks can be found by following the link above (some of which I will link to below).

Variations between Copies of the First Edition of the Book of Mormon

The Original Book of Mormon Manuscript

Manuscripts of the Book of Mormon

Is the Book of Mormon True?: Notes on the Debate

Restoring the Original Text of the Book of Mormon

Latest Findings in the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project

The 687 results from my search on the Maxwell Institute's website concerning "changes in the [B]ook of [M]ormon", but I got tired listing all the links here.

Lots more resources to answer your comment, including

Book of Mormon/Textual Changes

Changes in the Book of Mormon

Why Were 4,000 Changes Made in The Book of Mormon?

And there's much, much more if you're willing to look for it!

Bottom line is, Tracy, if you were hoping to shake my faith in the veracity, not to mention the relevancy, of the Book of Mormon by mentioning the indisputable, meticulously documented textual changes that have been made in the years since 1830--all of which have been faithfully reported and openly discussed by the Mormons themselves--then you will be disappointed. Very disappointed.

I wonder if you have even read the Book of Mormon yourself, Tracy. How is it that you would strain at a gnat such as this when you ought to know that a camel is much more palatable? But remember, instead of swallowing the camel whole, try eating it one bite at a time.

In other words, I claim that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, but don't take my word for it; check it out for yourself.

Incidentally, you can read the Book of Mormon for FREE online, at your leisure, one bite--I mean, chapter--at a time.

If I have misinterpreted the intent of your comment, Tracy, I sincerely apologize. At least we've worked together to get some excellent resources into the hands of the readers (all four of them).

Nate said...

And here's that promised link to the Book of Mormon online.