Friday, June 25, 2010

If You were Mormon or Moroni

It dawned on me today that the greatest sermons in the Book of Mormon were given, for the most part, to members of the Church, or to recent dissenters, or to apostates. Very little of the text comprises teaching or preaching to so-called "non-members"--those who were not, and never had been, members of the Church--perhaps the work of the sons of Mosiah among the Lamanites being the most notable exception.

If you were compiling the Book of Mormon today using sources from 200 years ago to the present, what sermons would you include in the "hundredth part" of our history, written and redacted for the instruction of generations to come?


heather said...

Of souls, symbols, and sacraments-- Jeffery R Holland

Steve Finnell said...

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