Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Many More Mormon Missionaries

One of the major highlights of the most recent General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the announcement by Church President Thomas S. Monson that the minimum age for full-time missionary service would, effective immediately, be lowered for young men from 19 years to 18 years, and from 21 years to 19 years for young women.

This is huge, to say the least, but now we have some numbers to illustrate just how huge these changes really are. In a recent statement, the Church announced that whereas prospective missionaries were beginning their applications at a rate of 700 per week, that number has now jumped to 4000 new applications begun per week. That's nearly six times the applications!

My own mission to the Samoan islands, partially described on this blog and my Samoan language blog, had a very profound impact on my life. I'm excited for the missionaries that are beginning their own service at this time, including, before too long, my sister-in-law, and eagerly await the reports of their success.


Shawn said...

There has been much talk about this since the announcement was made. Our Bishop said that as soon as the word 'Amen' was mentioned at the end of the session, his phone was ringing because of a soon to be nineteen year old young woman was ready to get started on the paperwork necessary to go. Very Exciting!

I also served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in Russia. It is something that has greatly blessed my life!

Sara Anne said...

brother mills, the director of international mtc's did a fireside in our ward a couple of sundays ago, and he pointed out that those 4000 a week apps were only the ones that are done online, there was a huge increase in the handwritten ones coming in as well. so cool. He also said to accommodate that the mtc stay will mostly be for language learning only, cutting the time down by a lot. oh, and my bro in law is serving in the samoan islands right now...pretty cool. AND did I just hear you are a bishop? I can't help but laugh about a girl who once was deciding between you and another nice young man, and with tears just couldn't imagine you being the one she could take to the temple after hearing that you did "blue darts" at scout camp. am I remembering this right? anywho, I'm sure you will do great. I sort of stalked your comment on fb to find out where you are bishop, and saw the link to your blog instead, only read this post...

Nate said...

Though I was present at the apparently infamous blue darts episode, I can, with a clean conscience, report that I never personally got involved.

As to being called to serve as a bishop: yes, guilty as charged.

Thanks for the additional info on what's happening with the new changes in missionary ages.

Sara Anne said...

I am sorry I posted publicly something that's false...feel free to delete my comment if you need to protect yourself there. I am sorry you are bishop, though I'm sure you are doing great and growing and all that. My husband was recently called to the high council and so far it has been the best...besides not being around Sunday morning or during church most of the time, he is with us so much more than any other time in our marriage due to callings...and he's growing still. I couldn't feel more blessed during a rough 5th pregnancy...your wife is awesome ( realizing I don't know her, but she's awesome)

Nate said...

No worries, Sara!

Yesterday was when I was sustained, ordained, and set apart as bishop in our ward. Before that, I was a high councilor in a Samoan language ward for a year. High Councilor was one of the most enjoyable callings I've had. Your husband will do great, in large part because you're so supportive of him.

And I'm glad my wife's awesomeness is apparent even to those who haven't met her yet. Thanks!