Friday, July 19, 2013

Calories Posted on Menus Do Little to Change Eating Behavior

Apparently, listing the calorie content of fast foods doesn't affect restaurant patrons' eating behaviors.

No surprise there. In fact, in opposition to the way the calorie counts were intended to be used, I found them downright useful the other day when I saw that the McDonald's 20-piece McNugget box has nearly 1000 kilocalories. It was midday and I hadn't eaten yet so I was a bit behind.

But one can only hope that, should these findings be replicated, public health officials will see that they overreached a tad with this recent bit of government intrusion into free enterprise.

Or, perhaps the law will be amended to require bigger, more neon-colored calorie labels. That should do the trick.


Whitney Hardie said...

Is 1,000 Kilocalories more than 1,000 calories? What is this kilocalorie of which you speak?

I will never outgrow chicken nuggets.

Nate said...

Calories (big C) equal kilocalories. These are what are listed on your food labels. Neither should be confused with the chemist's calorie (little c), which is 1000 times smaller.

But, chances are, when you read a nutrition report or book, Calories and Kilocalories are going to be written as (much to our chemist friends' chagrin) simply calories.

Glad you and Deb and Katie could get together!