Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Fallacies of Fat

. . . [K]eep your insulin levels down . . . it's all about the insulin. Everybody thinks it's about the calories: absolute garbage. It's about the insulin. It's the insulin, stupid.
--Dr. Robert Lustig

I'm currently enjoying an article from National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation program, where Science Friday host Ira Flatow interviews Dr. Robert Lustig, you know, the guy whose hour-and-a-half long lecture, Sugar: The Bitter Truth, has been watched almost 3.7 million (!) times.

And if there's one thing that I like about Dr. Lustig, and I like a lot about him, it's that he doesn't pull any punches, as evidenced by the quotation at the top.

Also worth listening to is Flatow's November 2007 interview with nutrition science gadfly Gary Taubes, proponent of the insulin-obesity hypothesis that Dr. Lustig refers to.

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