Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Marriage, The Dynamite of the Soul"

Bombardier Billy Wells

Having been a student at Brigham Young University, where the pressure to marry and be given in marriage is quite high, I'm pretty sure I've had essentially this happen to me at least once, as Wodehouse perfectly describes it below:
Have you ever been turned down by a girl who afterwards married and then been introduced to her husband? If so you'll understand how I felt when Clarence burst on me. You know the feeling. First of all, when you hear about the marriage, you say to yourself, 'I wonder what he's like.' Then you meet him, and think, 'There must be some mistake. She can't have preferred this to me!' That's what I thought, when I set eyes on Clarence.
He was a little thin, nervous-looking chappie of about thirty-five. His hair was getting grey at the temples and straggly on top. He wore pince-nez, and he had a drooping moustache. I'm no Bombardier Wells myself, but in front of Clarence I felt quite a nut. And Elizabeth, mind you, is one of those tall, splendid girls who look like princesses. Honestly, I believe women do it out of pure cussedness.
Of course, now I can look back on that period and laugh, but at the time the feelings were quite acute.

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