Monday, October 7, 2013

My "Irish Hips"

The author--and his bonnie knees--in competition Black Watch
I've been spending some hours lately with the local university's strength and conditioning coaches and interns, which brings with it, among other perks, the chance to use the weight room.

I haven't been lifting in earnest--or much at all, for that matter--for at least four years, so my form for some of the more advanced lifts needs a little work.

One of the interns noticed as much and what follows is the substance of the conversation that resulted:

Him: "You know, if you could improve your form you would be strong."

Me: "You think so?"

Him: "Yeah. Are you Irish, do you have any Irish in you?"

Me: "Yes, I do. Why?"

Him: "You look like you have 'Irish hips': narrow, with a little pelvic tilt. You could be a great thrower."

Little did he know . . . 

Hammer time!

Sheaf toss

Weight over bar

Braemer stone throw

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