Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Samoa in the News

Ms. Lutvey with some adorable Samoan children

An interesting article about Catherine Lutvey, an Australian woman volunteering for a year at a Catholic school in Salelologa, Savaii--my first assigned area in the mission field.

I'm particularly impressed with the charity walk she organized to raise money to purchase a school bus. Walking 182 km (113 miles) in the hot, humid Samoan weather would be brutal, even if it was spread out over seven days.

And I have to agree with Ms. Lutvey, after two years in Samoa, I came to look on life in America with a little skepticism when I saw the stark contrast between the American culture of consumerism and the simple, yet adequate, lifestyle in Samoa, with its heavy emphasis on family and community.

Image credit: http://www.catholicleader.com.au/news.php/people-news/faith-adventure-leads-to-samoa_86826

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