Monday, November 25, 2013

Samoa in the News

The new double-five-star destination

If only I spoke Chinese in addition to Samoan, I'd move my family to ʻUpolu—the main island in what was once called Western Samoa—and become a tour guide for all the new Chinese tourists that are expected to descend upon the small island nation in the near future.

China has long had an influence on Samoa and its people. Many Samoans have Chinese ancestry through the immigrant laborers to Samoa many years ago. And no Samoan meal would be complete without some sapasui, the Samoan version of chop sui that often includes either canned corned beef (pisupo) or chopped turkey tail (muli pīpī), and which happens to be one of my wife's favorites.

A little known fact is that the land near Apia that the Mormon temple is built on, as well as the mission and other church offices, and the Church College of Western Samoa, once belonged to a Chinese man named Ah Mu. After he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ah Mu sold the land to the Church for $1.

In the recent past, however, China has pumped a lot of money into the Samoan infrastructure, such that at least Samoa's prime minister favors his nation's relationship with China over the same with the United States, New Zealand, or Australia.

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Deb said...

Just to clarify here - it's the sapasui I enjoy. Not the turkey tail.
(and you thought I didn't read these posts)