Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Christmas Comfort"

My last post I took from a talk I gave at our Christmas program at church this past Sunday. I also shared it with our family and in reply a brother-in-law pointed me to this post of a devotional given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, an Apostle, reminding us,
You can’t separate Bethlehem from Gethsemane, or the hasty flight into Egypt from the slow journey to the summit of Calvary. It is of one piece. It is a single plan. It considers the fall and rising again of many in Israel, but always in that order. Christmas is joyful not because it is a season or decade or lifetime without pain or privation, but precisely because life does hold those moments for us.
Elder Holland's talk is well worth reading, a much-needed reminder of the perspective we need during this most blessed of seasons.

(A quick search also turned up the original video of Elder Holland's devotional talk, given 1 December 1998, at then Ricks College, now Brigham Young University-Idaho.)

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