Tuesday, December 10, 2013

(Samoan) Women vs. (Samoan) Men

Of late I've been enjoying Henry L. Bassett's Adventures in Samoa, memoirs of his mission to the islands.

In it he humorously notes a significant difference between Samoan men and Samoan women:
A young man in the fale next lot to ours disturbed us somewhat by his cries and groans as he was being tattooed, while a woman named Sitoni gave birth to a child and we knew nothing of it until so informed.
I used parentheses in the title because I don't think this difference is all that unique to the Samoans.

(BYUTelevision's Studio C depicts the likely outcome should a man have the chance to feel a woman's pain during childbirth. It's worth the watch. Then, try not to stay up all night watching everything else Studio C has made.)

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