Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Study Shows The Empire Strikes Back is the Best Star Wars Movie

An important source of a coming generation gap

Thanks to an old college buddy, I recently made the fun discovery of FiveThirtyEight, a data- and statistics-driven blog created by stats phenom Nate Silver, famous for accurately predicting the outcomes of elections and sports contests.

In addition to addressing some plain-vanilla topics like science and economics and politics, the aces of analysis at FiveThirtyEight have provided profound probings of pressing problems, including:

What the works of the late, great Bob Ross can teach us about "the important statistical concepts of conditional probability and clustering, as well as . . . the limitations of data;"

The evolution of classic rock as a music genre, in a three-part series (here, here, and here) that addresses, among other things, regional differences in songs played on stations across America, the power of the soi-disant one-hit wonder, and the vexing question of whether bands like Nirvana and Green Day should receive airplay alongside the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Beatles;

And so forth.

But as you may have surmised from the title of this post, it's Star Wars, rather than Bob Ross and classic rock, that is at issue today.

And whether the sample was adequately representative to allow us to confidently state voters' preference, as a lifelong Star Wars fan* I can authoritatively say that The Empire Strikes Back is, in fact, the best film of the franchise.

It remains to be seen whether J. J. Abrams can knock Empire off its pedestal. It'll be tough, but I think he could at least come close.

It's being called an Episode VII X-Wing, and it's awesome!

*My bona fides include, but are not limited to, foregoing the junior prom (I mean, come on, what self-respecting guy goes to prom as a junior?) to travel with best friend and fellow Star Wars enthusiast Jared and his dad to Denver, Colorado, near Aurora, home of the Star Wars Fan Club, for the 1999--that is, first--Star Wars Celebration. Need I say more?

X-Wing image source: Digital Trends


Shawn said...

Thanks for the post. It made me smile!

Nate said...

Thanks, Shawn!