Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Are you looking for a job?"

I've been looking for a regular full-time job since I graduated two and a half years ago. So far, no luck.

So I went to a job fair a number of weeks back to see what it had to offer. Talk about an exercise in futility!

As a walked down the aisles between booths for banks and burger joints, temp agencies and tourist attractions, I increasingly felt that I was in the wrong place. After all, I'm trained in the exercise sciences with an added specialization in nutrition. I also happen to teach Samoan language as an adjunct faculty member at the local university.

But I'm willing to make a career change. I'm versatile. I'm at least of marginal intelligence.

What clinched it for me, though, were the multiple instances when I'd make eye contact with some bright, shiny, smiling face stationed at a booth and the first words out of said bright, shiny, smiling face were, "Are you looking for a job?"

I just don't think I could work for a company that staffs a job fair with recruiters who don't automatically intuit my reasons for attending it.


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