Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Experts worry Ebola may spread more easily than assumed"

It should not be judged by its size

Being a trained, if not currently practicing, scientist, far be it from me from denigrating science as a method for discovering truth and means for improving nearly every aspect of our lives.

However, there is an inherent danger to settling on today's science since science is never settled!

A case in point: While some scientists are confident they know everything there is to know about how Ebola is spread, there are others who are not so confident.

When it comes to Ebola—a disease that if it were an athlete would be getting a record-breaking contract for the stats it posts—wouldn't you want to listen to the scientists who would like to learn more about its transmission rather than those who want to sit on their assumptions?

I understand that both time and resources are precious, but let's not let overconfidence keep us from doing or learning things that could make a difference in stopping Ebola's spread.


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