Monday, February 29, 2016

Book: Ecclesiastical History in Samoan

For a while there I was frequently searching through the books archived on Google Books for free full-text Samoan books. I found quite a few in Samoan and even more written about the islands from a variety of perspectives. Eventually, I hope to post links to all of them here. A number of them I've already posted in the Samoana II page which you can find at the top of the page.

But then I figured that I'd pretty much found them all. Not all that had ever been printed, of course -- there is a translation of Wallace's Ben Hur into Samoan that I'd like to get my hands on -- but all that Google had made available.

Just for old times' sake I decided to go on the search once again and my efforts were not in vain.

My latest find: O le Tala Saasaa i le Ekalesia a le Mesia (my translation: A Brief Account of the Church of the Messiah) by Rev. C. G. Barth, D.D. The translator or translators decided to remain anonymous.

It was printed at the LMS headquarters in Malua on the island of Upolu in 1860.

I haven't read beyond the first few pages, but judging by the table of contents it looks like an ecclesiastical history of the Christian faith.

I just can't say enough good things about the old LMS translators and printers. They produced so many quality works that I very much enjoy reading, the most important of all being, of course, their translation of the Samoan Bible.

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