Samoana II

Here I'll list a number of books, full text available online, concerning Samoa, especially its people, language, and culture, arranged chronologically and by language (English, Samoan, French, and German). To search for a specific term use ctrl + f.

Many thanks to Google Books, the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (NZETC), the Australian National University E Press, the Internet Archive, and the Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library for providing these resources.


Nineteen Years in Polynesia: Missionary Life, Travel, and Researches in the Islands of the Pacific (1861) by Rev. George Turner

A Samoan Dictionary (1st edition, 1862) by Rev. George Pratt

Genealogy of the Kings and Princes of Samoa (n.d.) by Rev. George Pratt

A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language (2nd edition, 1878) by Rev. George Pratt

Samoa: A Hundred Years Ago and Long Before (1884) by Rev. George Turner

Some Folk Songs and Myths from Samoa (1891) by Rev. George Pratt and John Fraser

The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary (1891) by Edward Tregear

A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language (3rd edition, 1893) by Rev. George Pratt

Old Samoa: or, Flotsam and Jetsam from the Pacific Ocean (1897) by Rev. John B. Stair (NZETC version)

Grammar and Vocabulary of the Samoan Language (1918) by H. Neffgen, translated by Arnold B. Stock

An Account of Samoan History Up to 1918 (n.d.) by Te'o Tuvale

Samoa Under the Sailing Gods (1930) by N. A. Rowe

Samoan Material Culture (1930) by Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H. Buck)

The Origins of International Rivalry in Samoa: 1845-1884 (1934) by Silvia Masterman

An Introduction to Samoan Custom (1948) by F. J. H. Grattan

Government of Western Samoa Report of the Commission to Inquire into and Report upon the Organization of District and Village Government in Western Samoa (1951) by Government of Western Samoa

Shark Fishing in Western Samoa (1955) by Siaosi E. Tuioti S. M. P.

'Guardians and Wards': (A Study of the Origins, Causes, and the First Two Years of the Mau in Western Samoa) (1965) by Albert Wendt

Samoan for Missionaries (1983) by Scott C. Dunn.

"More Than 20 Years of Political Stability in Samoa under the Human Rights Protection Party" by Asofou So’o in Globalisation and Governance in the Pacific Islands (2006) edited by Stewart Firth

"Matai Titles and Modern Corruption in Samoa: Costs, expectations and consequences for families and society" by A. Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano in Globalisation and Governance in the Pacific Islands (2006) edited by Stewart Firth

‘First Contacts’ in Polynesia: The Samoan Case (1722-1848) (2008) by Serge Tcherkézoff


O Samoa Anamua (1884) by Siaosi Tana

O le Tala i Tino o Tagata ma Mea Ola Eseese (1886) by Rev. Thomas Powell

Samoan Concordance: O le Tuu Faatasi o Upu e Tasi Ua i le Tusi Paia (1887) by Rev. George Pratt

O Faataoto ma Tala Faatusa mai Atunuu Eseese (1890) by Rev. George Pratt

O le Faamatalaga o le Gagana Samoa (1902) by Rev. Sidney A. Beveridge

O Upu Muamua i le Tala i le Lalolagi (1907) by Rev. J. W. Hills


Dictionnaire Samoa-Français-Anglais et Français-Samoa-Anglais (1879) by Louis Violette

Les îles Samoa (1891) by A. Baguet


Kurze Anleitung zum Verständniss der Samoanischen Sprache: Grammatik und Vokabularium (1893) by B Funk

Grammatik der Samoanischen Sprache nebst Lesestücken und Wörterbuch (1903) by H. Neffgen